Check out the Welsh Italian Awards’ categories 2018 and choose the right ones for you!


Wales’s Favourite Italian Business

This award is for any Welsh based business that is led with an Italian head & heart! This category is not limited to the hospitality industry and therefore welcomes all nominations.

Wales’s Best ‘cuoco’ of the year

Finalists in this category will have to amaze you and our judges with a unique and first-class dish.  All finalists in this category will be required to attend the cook-off  (details tbc).

Wales’s Best Italian Restaurant

This category is assigned to an outstanding Italian restaurant which is loved by the public for both their authentic, high-quality food and admirable service.

Wales’s Best Pizzeria 

Our judges are looking for a truly authentic venue that evokes the iconic Italian eatery. Finalists will be asked to show their full prep and baking process.

Wales’s Best Italian Dessert

Cannoli, tiramisú, panna cotta….what’s better than an Italian dessert to cheer you up or finish a meal in the sweetest way? The Winner of this category is the boss of the Italian treats.

Wales’s Best Pasta

A chance to celebrate Nonna’s secret recipe! Best pasta will be judged on a single dish, so prepare to dazzle our panel with your signature pasta. All finalists in this category will be required to attend a practical final the cook-off (details tbc).

Wales’s Best Gelateria 

A good ice cream makes everything better; this category will award both truly unique flavours and classic recipes.

Wales’s Best Family Owned Restaurant 

This award recognises restaurants who have their Italian family roots embedded in everything they do, from cooking the finest quality dishes to serving their loyal customers.

Wales’s Best Wine Selection

This category is for those Italian wine selections that perfectly represents the best Italian regions in a glass!

Wales’s Best Cafe

We’re looking for the best café; selling everything from the perfect panini and sweet treats to gorgeous coffee and original Italian produces.

Wales’s Best Newcomer

This category is limited to any venues open in the last 18 months (from 26th November 2018) or less and aims to reward that classic Italian entrepreneur spirit!

Wales’s Best Authentic Italian Menu

We are looking for Welsh establishments which effectively represent Italian tradition and originality through their food options. This category focuses heavily on ingredients used to signify specific Italian cities and regions, such as through the use of FDO and PGI-stamped ingredients.

Wales’s Best Pizza

This award wants to recognise the skills of the best pizzaiolo in making the perfect Italian pizza using authentic and genuine ingredients. All finalists in this category will be required to attend the cook-off  (details tbc).